Be Bright & Chemex

In the office, coffee is at the core of our day-to-day routine.

We kickstart our day with a good Chemex pour over between 9a and 10a, as team members come and go from the kitchen to touch base on current projects or just fill each other in on plans for the upcoming weekend. Around 2p, the barista returns to the kitchen to brew up another round to give the team that extra push they need to get through the afternoon.


Using quality beans is the key to a solid cup of coffee: knowing where it's from, how it's roasted and how it's brewed. In an effort to support other local companies in our area, we source from our friends over at Chaleur Coffee. Since we also do a lot of work in the Orlando area, we also source from the good people at Lineage Coffee Roasting.

As our team grows and morphs, twice daily coffee brewing for the entire team may not be sustainable, but it will always be a part of our culture. It brings us together throughout the day, it helps put a little fire under us to finish a project for a client. Chemex Recipe

Equipment used:



This recipe will vary based on how many you’re trying to serve. The process below is for 1 cup.

  1. Fill kettle with water. 

  2. Place kettle on stove top. The temperature should get approximately to 205°F.

  3. Turn on scale, place cup on scale, tare scale, weigh out 25g of coffee into the cup, dump beans into grinder. (Grind setting for Chemex should be 5 if you’re using a Handground unit, but every burr grinder is different; grind should be a little coarser than kosher salt).

  4. Place unused filter in a clean Chemex with three sides towards the spout and one side on other side of the glassware.

  5. Pre-wet filter with enough water to absorb all dry areas; place kettle back onto the stove and keep the temperature at 205*F.

  6. Pour water out of Chemex (don't let filter fall out).

  7. Place Chemex back on scale and tare.

  8. Proceed with grinding coffee beans.

  9. Tap the top and side of the grinder gently to make sure all grinds are out of the ceramic burrs.

  10. Unscrew bottom glass container holding the ground coffee and gently place into Chemex; weighing out 25g. Tap glass container clean.

  11. Screw container back onto the grinder.

  12. Tare scale.

  13. ( Pause for high fives. )

  14. Ratio is 1:14 (25g:340g).

  15. Start timer and pour 50g of water in a quick, circular motion and let bloom for 30 seconds. Gently stir grounds a few times with a bamboo paddle, pour water on the paddle to clean, set aside. 

  16. Begin pour #1 of 130g of water in a slow circular motion at 00:30. You should finish this pour at 1:00.

  17. Wait for the water to drain though the grounds.

  18. Begin pour #2 of 160g of water in a slow circular motion at 01:20. You should finish this pour at 1:50.

  19. Let the Chemex sit and finish brewing.

  20. Total brewing time should be between 3 and 4 minutes.

  21. Fold and dispose of used filter.

  22. Swirl coffee in circular motion to mix.

  23. Announce Chemex is ready with megaphone.

  24. Turn off scale and kettle.

  25. Clean empty Chemex by swirling hot kettle water in the glassware, then emptying.

  26. Seal up coffee bag and clean up surrounding area.

  27. Savor fresh cup of coffee with those around you!


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